Rate This Model

Rate This Model

Would like to know what people think of your modelling, head shots and personal beauty, post your pictures and have the community rate your model pictures. Excellent for starting a modeling career and even better for professional models. Have your say and rate the most sexiest models in the world. Comment, Rate and Share your modelling profile on SweepBook “Rate This”… View All Posts

Rate Reality TV

Rate Reality TV

If you like watching your favorite reality TV show and would like to share an episode or your view on a certain reality show, then post it in SweepBook “Rate This” – Rate Reality TV Shows. See what other peoples views are on reality TV shows and rate on the post or post a comment on it… View All Posts

Rate my Body

Rate My Body

Have you lost some weight or physically working on your body to ensure a healthy and fit lifestyle, post it here and show off. Have the public rate your body or comment on your body. Great for motivation if you are doing a before and after… View All Posts

Rate Videos

Rate This Video

Share general videos here and have it rated, whether it is a home-made music video, some funnies or any video you feel worth sharing and have people rated and commented on. Best place if you have created a music video or any video project and want to find out what the public thinks about your video – all free… View All Posts

Rate Lifestyle


Anything you would like to share about your life, whether it’s a personal problem or a lifetime achievement, feel free to post it here. Lifestyle category is especially made for real or live events. Remember people will vote, rate and comment so be careful what you share… View All Posts

Rate Gaming

Rate This Game

The gaming category is used for casino, betting, poker and many gambling games to debate, share and learn about how things work, including useful tips. Please refrain on posting casino hacks and cheats on SweepBook Rate-This website as it will be removed and your account suspended… View All Posts

Rate Articles

If you have any articles you would like to share with the public, anything at all… then this is the spot to have your discussion. Post your article free and have the public members rate and comment on your article. Also great to express yourself… View All Posts

Rate Fashion

Rate Fashion

Not sure what clothes to wear to a special occasion, post a picture of your outfit, shoes, bags, any clothing items and have it voted or commented on by the public. If you are moving into the fashion industry and started your own clothing line, post some samples free and have it rated on SweepBook Rate-This… View All Posts

Rate General


General posts, this can be anything which are not listed in the other categories. Please keep all posts friendly and DO NOT use the site for advertising purposes, your account will be closed and a negative article may be published about your ads… View All Posts

Rate Vehicles

Rate This Vehicle

This is great if you just customized your car and would like to have the public’s opinion, post a picture of your car, motorcycle, boat, bicycle or whatever you drive and have it rated. Also great when planning on buying a new car, post a picture and supply the description of the car and maybe the price and members can comment on the value, etc… View All Posts

Rate Websites

Rate This Website

Upload a screen print of your website’s homepage and write a description of what your website is all about. See how people will rate your website. Use only one link to your website and do not submit the same site more than once. Spammers will be removed and have their accounts deleted! View All Posts

Rate Compatibility


The compatibility category are used for anything that you would like to share regarding compatibility or relationships, friends, etc. As usual, please keep it friendly. An example could be a compatibility match of you and your partner or come and brag with your wedding pictures… View All Posts

Rate Music

If you need a song to be rated or you simply just enjoying a song and would like to share it with the community, then this is where you would like to publish it. This is also great if you are an upcoming musician and would like some free feedback from the public… View All Posts

Rate this Club

Rate This Club

The name says it all, all your club posts go here. Night clubs, bars, social clubs, lounges, taverns – all club related posts will go in Rate This Club category. This is great if you want to share a good night out with the public and find out what a certain club is like… View All Posts

Rate This Photo

Rate This Photo

Want to know what other people think of your photo, post it on SweepBook “Rate This” – Rate my Photo category and have the public rate your photo, this can be anything from photographs about yourself, nature, family, friends… anything that you would like opinions on… View All Posts

Rate Sports

Rate Sports

All your sport activities, news and general sports comments can be used in the sports category.. If you enjoyed a sporting event and want to know what other users think about it, post it here and have it rated. If you follow your favourite sports hero, brag about them on SweepBook “Rate This”… View All Posts

Rate Mobile Phones

Mobile Phones

Want to buy or take out a new contract mobile phone and are not sure what make or model to purchase, you can use the “Rate Mobile Phone” category and ask other users what they think about the mobile phone and what their experiences are with that specific mobile phone… View All Posts


Free Classifieds

Free classifieds section where you can list a service or anything that will interest other people to utilise. This will give your customers and clients the opportunity to “Rate” your services. Please keep it friendly and spam free… View All Posts

Rate my Holiday


Planning your next holiday and are not too sure what to expect or need advice on what to do and where to go, come post it here and get some feedback from our community. Maybe you visited a great holiday resort or city, come share it here and share your best photo during your holiday… View All Posts

Rate Retailer

Rate This Retailer

Had a great experience with a retailer and want to share it with the public, post it here. If you know of any great bargain retailers where consumers can benefit from, please share it. Better yet, if you just had a good or bad experience with a shop or retailer, post and rate it here on SweepBook.com… View All Posts


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